What’s New: 2022

Today, the Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) published its seventh annual report of aggregate program data, the 2021 Annual Report of the Federal Select Agent Program.  The report summarizes data for calendar year 2021 and is part of FSAP’s continued efforts to provide the American public with insight into the regulatory activities of the program.  The annual publication of this report reflects FSAP’s ongoing commitment to transparency. As in previous years, the content includes a look at the regulatory functions of FSAP, as well as compliance with the select agent regulations at laboratories across the nation.  This year’s report provides insight into key ways the program has adapted to carry out its mission during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as highlights FSAP’s efforts to engage with the regulated community throughout the year to ensure regulatory compliance.

Once again, the content of the report underscores that overall, most laboratories registered with the program are compliant with the regulations, and none of the small number of reported incidents during the year resulted in a significant risk to public or agricultural health.

The report summarizes aggregate program data in areas such as:

  • Numbers and types of registered entities, as well as amendments to registrations
  • Top registered select agents or toxins
  • Security risk assessments performed
  • Number of inspections conducted
  • Key observations related to inspection findings and compliance with the select agent regulations
  • Reported thefts, losses, and releases of select agents or toxins
  • Identifications and transfers of select agents or toxins
  • Publications and outreach activities

The full report, along with an infographic summarizing the key findings, is now available here.

Page last reviewed: August 30, 2022, 02:25 PM