Inspection Checklist App

Federal Select Agent Program Laboratory Examination Tool (FSAP-LET)

The Federal Select Agent Program Laboratory Examination Tool (FSAP-LET) was designed to provide laboratory managers and biosafety personnel with a tool to assist with performing internal laboratory inspections. The tool, available as a download for mobile devices, contains checklists that are based on federal regulations and biosafety standards used by Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) inspectors. The checklists cover a variety of areas such as biosafety, security, training, and incident response.

The tool allows the user to print a single PDF document summarizing the recorded findings.  The tool also allows the user to record any corrective actions taken in response to identified findings.  The resulting PDF document can be stored locally, saved to a facility’s computer, or emailed to someone using the default client of the system.

FSAP-LET allows for similar checklists to be used for multiple rooms or buildings, or at future points in time. FSAP-LET also allows for facility information to be saved so that it does not have to be input each time a checklist is used.  However, the information can be edited as needed.

All data in the system – including findings, comments, and corrective actions – are encrypted so that it is only available to the user.  The software will not run on a device that does not have security of some type (e.g., biometrics, password/phrase).

While the tool is intended to assist laboratories in meeting federal regulations and biosafety standards, it is not all-inclusive.  The responsibility to fully adhere to applicable federal regulations remains with the entity using the tool.

The app is currently available to download for the following devices:

Any available updates to the application will be communicated to users.

Page last reviewed: January 18, 2022