Incident Notification and Reporting

The APHIS/CDC Form 3, Incident Notification and Reporting, is used by entities to report a theft, loss, or release of a select agent or toxin. The discovery of a theft, loss, or a release (occupational exposure or release of an agent or toxin outside of the primary barriers of the biocontainment area) of a select agent or toxin is required to be immediately reported:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Division of Select Agents and Toxins
1600 Clifton Road, NE, Mailstop H21-7
Atlanta, GA 30329
Fax: 404-471-8375
Email: LRSAT@cdc.gov
Phone: 404-718-2000

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Division of Agricultural Select Agents and Toxins
4700 River Road, Unit 2, Mailstop 22, Cubicle 1A07
Riverdale, MD 20737
Fax: 301-734-3652
Email: AgSAS@usda.gov
Phone: 301-851-2070
Page last reviewed: January 8, 2021