Security Risk Assessments

One of the fundamental elements of the select agent regulations is to keep select agents and toxins out of the possession of individuals who might intend to misuse them. The Federal Select Agent Program works closely with Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Service, Bioterrorism Risk Assessment Group (BRAG) to identify those individuals who are prohibited from access to select agents and toxins based on the restrictions identified in the USA PATRIOT Act pdf icon[PDF – 400 KB]. BRAG conducts security risk assessments of all individuals, Responsible Officials, Alternate Responsible Officials and non-governmental entities that request access to select agents and toxins. The Federal Select Agent Program authorizes access to select agents and toxins based on the results of the security risk assessment.

For additional guidance on the security risk assessment process, contact BRAG directly at 304-625-4900 or visit the BRAG websiteexternal icon.

FD-961 Form (Application for Security Risk Assessment)external icon

The following process describes how to submit a security risk assessment:

  1. The entity’s Responsible Official (RO) submits an application or amendment that includes the individual’s information using the APHIS/CDC Form 1, Application for Registration for Possession, Use, and Transfer of Select Agents and Toxinsexternal icon to their lead agency (FSAP, but not both).
  2. The lead agency issues to the entity a letter with the unique Department of Justice (DOJ) identifying number for each individual listed on the APHIS/CDC Form 1, Application for Registration.
  3. The RO forwards to each individual their unique DOJ identifying number.
  4. The individual completes the FD-961 Form and puts his or her unique identifying number in block 4 and provides the completed FD-961 to the RO for review and signature.
  5. The RO can request fingerprint packages via faxing a request to the FBI at 304-625-2198. Each package contains two fingerprint cards, general instructions, fingerprint instructions, and a pre-addressed return envelope. Request the number of packages needed based on the number of individuals who will be undergoing a security risk assessment. The request should include the following: the entity name, point of contact or RO, the correct mailing address, contact telephone number and the number of fingerprint card packets being requested. The request should be faxed to the FBI at 304-625-2198.
  6. The entity must submit a completed FD-961 form that has been reviewed and signed by the Responsible Official and two legible fingerprint cards as one package directly to the FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services Division (BRAG), not to FSAP. The BRAG mailing address is:
    1000 Custer Hollow Road, BTC-2
    Clarksburg, WV 26306

For guidance on how to complete the FD-961 form, see the FBI websiteexternal icon for additional information.

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