2021 SA Grams

The Division of Agricultural Select Agents and Toxins (DASAT) has issued a policy statement regarding personal quarantine for individuals working with, or in proximity to, specific Veterinary Services (VS) select agents.  The new policy is available here.

In short, the policy statement contains the following information:

The select agent and toxin regulations require that a biosafety plan include biosafety and containment procedures sufficient to contain the select agent or toxin (9 C.F.R. § 121.12(b)). It is DASAT policy that the biosafety plan for African swine fever virus, classical swine fever virus, foot-and-mouth disease virus, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, rinderpest virus, and virulent Newcastle disease virus include a personal quarantine policy.  A personal quarantine policy mitigates the ease with which these viruses can be spread by restricting personnel from coming in contact with susceptible species after having performed work with, or in proximity to, these VS select agents. The policy statement includes the conditions for a personal quarantine policy and the minimum quarantine time periods. DASAT will consider the inclusion of a personal quarantine policy when evaluating the adequacy of the biosafety and containment procedures for the aforementioned VS select agents.

A draft version of the policy statement was previously shared with the regulated community for review and input prior to being finalized.  The final policy statement does not reflect any major changes from the draft version.

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact APHIS/DASAT at 301-851-2070 or DASAT@usda.gov.

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