APHIS/CDC Form 4A Quick Reference Guide: Completing Sections C & D

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  1. Log into eFSAP. Click on Form 4. Find the Section C&D for the specified reportimage icon. Click View.
  2. Complete Section Cimage icon. Answer questions 1-3. The remaining questions in Section 3 will be automatically populated from your Form 1.
  3. Fill out Section Dimage icon.
    1. Question 1 will be auto-populated according to the related Section A&B. Answer the remaining questions.
    2. Click Add Row. You must do this in order to submit your form. Add as many rows as necessary to complete the report.
    3. For Question 9image icon, you may select more than one option:
      1. Transferred – Indicate to whom the sample was sent and the date of the transfer. If the Sample Provider is a non-registered entity, you will see a different option: “Not applicable, the entire specimen was transferred to the Reference Laboratory.”
      2. Destroyed – Indicate method of destruction and date destroyed.
      3. Retained – Indicate PI from the dropdown menu of PIs approved to possess select agent and toxin. If the Sample Provider is a non-registered entity, this option is not available.
    4. If you answer yes to Question 10image icon, you will need to fill out an APHIS/CDC Form 3 as well, if you did not do this when you filled out Section A&B.
    5. If you answer yes to question 12, you will also need to answer Questions 14-16image icon. Click Add Row.
  4. Type your name in the Signature of Respondent fieldimage icon, unless the Sample Provider is a non-registered entity, in which case this field will be left blank. The date will auto-populate.
  5. Click Submit. Clicking Save does NOT submit the Form 4 Section C&D.
Page last reviewed: August 27, 2020