eFSAP Updates

This page will be updated as new system features and user materials are available.
Please check back regularly for updates.

The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) is pleased to announce the deployment of another update to the electronic Federal Select Agent Program (eFSAP) Information System.

Beginning June 8, 2022, eFSAP information system users will notice the following system updates:

  • Updated Personnel Statuses
    • Terminology in eFSAP regarding an individual’s access approval status has been updated to match terminology in the select agents and toxins regulations:
      Terminology in eFSAP regarding an individual’s access approval status
      Former eFSAP statuses  New eFSAP statuses 
      Unrestricted Approved
      Restricted Denied/Restricted
      Denied Denied (For Cause)
      Revoked (For Cause)
      Withdrawn Terminated
  • APHIS/CDC Form 2 Auto-Expiration
    • Form 2s in ‘Approved Section 2 Pending’ status for 30 days will auto-expire on the 31st calendar day.
    • Transfers set to expire within 7 days will show in bold on the grid table.
    • Prior to the Form 2 being auto-expired, there will be notifications generated to the notifications grid table at 7, 3 and 1 day(s) prior to auto-expiration.
  • Progress Bar for Replacement of Principal Investigator
    • When executing an amendment to replace a principal investigator, users are now provided a “progress bar” to track the status of the data changes.
  • Reclassification of File Uploads
    • Users can reclassify previously uploaded files if needed.
    • Reclassification does not affect the original upload date/time or the current review status.

For more information, please review the tutorial [PDF – 594 KB] with screenshots of the new features.

Please note: Users must clear their internet browser cache/cookies in order for the system to function properly.  Instructions can be found on the eFSAP Resource Center page.  

If you experience errors, have questions, or have challenges with access to the system, please continue to contact our eFSAP customer support desk using the online help form, through email at eFSAPSupport@cdc.gov, or by phone at (877) 232-3322; or, reference our newly updated eFSAP user manual [PDF – 641 KB].

Page last reviewed: June 8, 2022, 10:45 AM