Drills and Exercises Guidance: Documenting Entity Plan Drills/Exercises

Documenting Entity Plan Drills/Exercises

There is no prescribed method for recording or documenting these activities, and the regulations do not specify precisely what should be included. However, the entity should develop a method that records:

  1. An identification of which plan or plans have been drilled or exercised;
  2. A brief description of the drill or exercise;
  3. The date or dates of the activity;
  4. The personnel from the registered entity who were involved (we also recommend providing the names of the agencies that participated);
  5. A brief description of the outcome of the activity (i.e., procedures confirmed or problems identified); and recommendations or suggestions to address any necessary change(s) to a plan, entity policy, and/or operating procedure (i.e., corrective action).

The following steps represent FSAP best practices. It is not a requirement to follow them, but doing so may help the entity best improve their plans based on the drills and exercises.

  1. Implement any recommended changes in policy or operating procedure relevant to security, biosafety or incident response an updated plan, including the date the change was made.
  2. Include a dated revision history for each plan, either placed within the plan itself or held separately, as a means for tracking changes. See the Drill/Exercise Documentation template for an example of what an entity may utilize to capture and track their drill or exercise activities.
  3. Develop a consistent and organized program to ensure the entity meets the regulatory requirement for drills or exercises.

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Page last reviewed: September 9, 2020