Guidance on the Inventory of Select Agents and Toxins: Appendix II

Appendix II. Information required for all select toxin materials (Section 17[a][3])

Section 17(a)(3) of the select agent regulations require the registered entity to maintain “accurate, current inventory for each toxin held, including:”

  1. The name and characteristics.
  2. The quantity acquired from another individual or entity (e.g., containers, vials, tubes, etc.), date of acquisition, and the source.
  3. The initial and current quantity amount (e.g., milligrams, milliliters, grams, etc.).
  4. The toxin used and purpose of use, quantity, date(s) of the use and by whom.
  5. Where stored (e.g., building, room, and freezer or other storage container).
  6. When moved from storage and by whom and when returned to storage and by whom, including quantity amount.
  7. Records created under Section 16 (Transfers).
  8. For intra-entity transfers (sender and the recipient are covered by the same certificate of registration), the toxin, the quantity transferred, the date of transfer, the sender, and the recipient.
  9. Records created under Section 19 (Notification of theft, loss, or release).
  10. If destroyed, the quantity of toxin destroyed, the date of such action, and by whom.
Page last reviewed: December 16, 2020